Resources I used for my new site

Welcome to my new site. As a designer interested in code, I decided to try and build a site on my own this time. I want to share a few valuable resources I used.

Design+Code ↗

I’ve been interested in React for quite some time and decided to take courses by Meng Too at Design+Code. I find his lessons easy to follow since he has a design background, and most of the chapters are about building things that work.

Gatsby ↗

Frontend framework that gives you a head start when building web. I used a template for this project that gave me a working start page and CMS, which is pretty sweet.

Then I wrote the frontend in React. Since it’s styled with CSS and I used component-based design, it quickly went. What took the most time was configuring the components to display the different GraphQL fields I needed.

Netlify ↗

For building and deploying, I used Netlify. It’s super simple to hook up your Github repo, and you can build both main and branches. As the last step, I configured my DNS settings for the domain, so it pointed towards Netlify.


Thanks a lot, Oscar Hillestad and Prakash, for helping me out.

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