New site for Google Ventures

My role: Product Designer

Client: Grafikwerket

Year: 2019-2020


In 2019-2020 I redesigned Google Ventures site I did UI-design based on branding by Viktor Persson at Grafikwerket.


Presenting all portfolio companies with their branding while keeping the Google Ventures branding consistent across the site was one of the biggest challenges. Another challenge was the request to have content movable and work in any order all over the site.


The diagonal “slash” element from the V in the logo was color-coded for the respective portfolio company and used as a feature in the UI. There are re-usable components to present content across the site. Based on the grid from material design, the components scale pretty neatly given the client invented material design. And the typography and spacing system is as well from material design.


Delivering a project across the globe was a first for me in this project. It was time-saving for both the developers and me to use grid, spacing, and typography from a well-established design system like material design. I also learned that color-coding 50+ portfolio companies are a pretty daunting task.

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