There are a few easy design principles at Sveriges Radio for our app Sveriges Radio Play. We created them in 2021, and they are pretty easy to follow. Made for a solid user experience no matter platform, for editors to be sure their content is presented expectedly no matter platform and for developers to make new components accessible and easy to maintain.

Principle 1 - Consistent

We are consistent in using words, formatting, and how our user interfaces look and work.

Principle 2 - Unity

We create new designs and functionality with all of our platforms in mind.

Principle 3 - Standardized

All design regarding content, layout, and placement is standardized.

Principle 4 - Best practice

We use platform-specific "Best practices" and navigation patterns when they exist and value.

Principle 5 - Accessibility

We follow accessibility guidelines.


They are short and easy to follow. I hope you find them helpful too!